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Lee Addison is the elite coach that comes to YOU either IN PERSON or ONLINE

Our flagship program for in person coaching is the AIM HIGHER Program. Our online details are below.

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Its Lee Addison here, owner of

I’m a very experienced and successful head coach having coached at two NRL clubs, two World Cups and three Elite High Schools.  I am also a current International Test Coach with a 100% win record in 6 games.

Over the years I have coached many players who have gone on to NRL, Super League or State League level.    The reality is hardly an NRL game goes by now that doesn’t include a player I’ve coached.  I’ve also won lots of competitions with my teams too!   An overview of my last decade of coaching success is below.

I was  once concerned that players had a severe lack of specialist and elite fitness / skills advice available to prepare for their season. If you weren’t part of an elite set up or had an average coach your chances of getting better were severely limited. has changed all that for players. With SPECIALIST and ELITE coaches available to you 24/7.

We have …

? 1130 plus coaching videos

? 392 Coaching Drills (by Top Level coaches)

? 53 Fitness Drills (from Qld Cup Conditioning Coach)

? 139 Gym Exercise vids (3 different trainers)

? 8 Fitness Programs

? 11 Strength Programs

All programs cover pre season, in season and off season. We also have specialists in Performance Analysis, Diet and Recovery advice

And unlike some others, we are not reacting to COVID 19 by posting a few rushed videos online with very little significant advice …. we’ve been specialising in online coaching since 2018 , via experts who have over 20 years experience as coaches and it is also the biggest RL coaching resource in the world, currently coaching players in over 60 countries worldwide!

I set up so that I could coach players WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD.

All the players i’ve coached in the past will have heard me say “Champions are made when no one is watching”.

This website is EXACTLY what you need at this time. We have well over 1,000 training videos for all aspects of the game and training programs for gym and fitness to cover you for years! And once you’re a member, you get unlimited  messenger and video conferencing services with me or our coaching team ABSOLUTELY FREE.

 If you want to get your membership straight away, we have plenty of options to suit your budget, including no lock in contracts.

Or, if you’d rather have a free trial first, we have a 5 day trial option.

Whatever you do, take care and stay safe!

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Lee Addison coaching record and experiences in Australia

2021 – Qualification for Elite Level Langer Trophy, Mabel Park SHS (first time ever.  first coach to take two schools to that level)
2020 – Gee Shield Runners Up.  Mabel Park SHS
2019 – Poland win v Czech Rep. in Lodz, Poland.  Test coaching record 6-0
Gee Shield Winners.  Mabel Park SHS
2018 – Poland Emerging Nations World Trophy Winners (undefeated)
2017 – Ipswich State High School
Super 6 runners up (top division)
National schoolboy finals
2013- 2017 record played 51 won 43  drawn 2 lost 6
2016 Ipswich Diggers Men’s Chairman’s Challenge Champions (First ever.  Picture above)
Ipswich State High School – Super 6 runners up (top division) National schoolboy finals
2015 – Ipswich State High School Super 6 runners up (top division)
National schoolboy finals
2014 –  Ipswich Diggers men’s Chairman’s Challenge Runners Up (first ever)
Ipswich State High School Gee Shield winners undefeated  (2nd division)
National schoolboy finals
2013 – Assistant Coach USA Tomahawks World Cup in UK
Ipswich State High CISSSA winners undefeated
Metro winners undefeated (3rd division)
2012 – NSW catholic schools Sydney Rep side 18s winners undefeated
2011 – USA Assistant Coach World Cup Qualifiers (qualified)
Penrith Panthers Juniors (finals)
St Gregory’s College MCS premiers (back to back)
NSW runners up
NSW catholic schools Sydney Rep side 15s winners undefeated
2010 – St Gregory’s College MCS premiership winners undefeated (big)
Presidents Sydney Rep side NSW grand final runners up
2007 / 2008 / 2009 – Manly Sea Eagles juniors (finals
2008 – Technical Assistant Ireland World Cup squad in Australia
Prior to being in Australia, coached England at 4 levels and was also a reserve grade head coach at Doncaster.

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