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Its Lee Addison here, owner of

I’m a very experienced and successful head coach having coached at two NRL clubs, two World Cups and three Elite High Schools. I’ve also won or reached finals in the vast majority of competitions i’ve coached in!  (won or finished runners up in 17 comps since 2010)  I am also a current Test Coach with a 100% win record in 6 games.

I used to be so frustrated about the lack of resources available to us rugby league coaches.  Have you ever tried to find a rugby league coaching book or online resources?  Like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

That’s why I set up so that I could plug that gap for coaches.

Within a year and a half of it’s inception, became the BIGGEST rugby league online resource in the world with over 400 drills and games, training plans and tips and well over 1000 videos in total.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, you have a great time to update your coaching knowledge and use this time to become an EVEN BETTER COACH.

This website is EXACTLY what you need at this time.  And once you’re a member, you get unlimited  messenger and video conferencing services with me or our coaching team ABSOLUTELY FREE.  It’s my pleasure to become your coaching mentor wherever you are in the world.

 If you want to get your membership straight away, we have plenty of options to suit your budget, including no lock in contracts.

Or, if you’d rather have a free trial first, we have a 5 day trial option that lets you into the PLAYER section.

Whatever you do, take care and stay safe!

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One of the videos from our “What to Coach” section

One of the videos from our “How to Coach It” section

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